Foreign Staffing Introduction

Supplying legal foreign workers


We would like to introduce our service for supplying legal foreign workers. Compliance with government regulations

Recently, Thailand is faced with increasing in aging population as well as declining in birth rate. This is led to critical of labour shortage. Hiring foreign workers need to be legal as an illegal worker has been crackdown intensively by Thai government. Therefore, we, Foreign Worker Employment Agency OS Labour Asia Co., Ltd, would like to offer the recruitment service for foreign workers from neighboring countries namely Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos with young and having high productivity.


To supply Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos workers

To recruit foreign workers from our extensive labour network and introduce them to customers


Introduction merit

  • Stay at a job for a long time /lower turnover rate

  • Can work in areas where it is difficult to recruit thai workers

  • Can work in 3D jobs-Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult (Demeaning)

  • Can expand business to other countries

  • Gain new ideas from diverse perspectives or different cultures


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