Introduction of dispatch staff to the customer


We dispatch our staff to work under the direction of our customers

Temporary staffing is a service that can be effectively utilized only when customers need it. There are various forms of employment, such as contract staff and part-time staff. For temporary staffing, customer will be able to manage and control temporary staff to carry out the work to meet customer’s target and quality. Furthermore, temporary staffing service will be able to support a new start-up customer and in the peak period of production. We can provide temporary staffing service in a wide range of position, such as factory operators, interpreters, security guards, secretaries, technical trainees dispatched to Japan and import the workers from neighboring countries to Thailand which we can provide the completely services from recruitment process to employment.


It is possible to arrange personnel according to production plan, such as new start-up and increase of busy season.


Introduction merit

  • Reasonable operation

    It is possible to solve the employment problem associated with the expansion and contraction of the business.

  • Increase of production efficiency

    It is possible to flexibly arrange personnel according to customer's production plan for new start-up and increase in busy season, etc. thereby improving production efficiency.

  • Rapid response

    Utilizing our unique network, we will quickly secure the necessary personnel from among a wealth of human resources.


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