Talented-People introduction


We will introduce the best human resources for customers who are looking for permanent or contract employees.

One of the most important factors to drive the business is human resources. However, we cannot deny that to find the right person, we need to invest such a huge of capital and labor. We, as a human resource specialist, can introduce the most suitable person from management to operating level. We always listen thoroughly about our clients’ requirements before the best candidate is selected from our extensive human resource network.


We will introduce the best human resources.

We will select the most suitable candidates from our extensive network of candidates, and we will do the best matching.


Introduction merit

  • Full contingency fee system

    If a customer does not employ, they do not need to pay any compensation, so they can reduce the cost of hiring.

  • Private recruitment is possible

    Our customer can create new projects, implement recruitment, etc. that our customer does not want their competitors to know about, and keep them private.

  • Condition negotiation agency

    Our experienced consultants will negotiate on behalf of our customer on various terms and conditions, such as salary, treatment, day of employment, etc.


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