As a professional in the human resources outsourcing business

OS Thailand

Strength and vision

We will contribute to the development of our clients’ business and the growth of thailand.

As an expert in human resources, we offer a high level of service to our clients. This is in order to meet our clients' expectations. We have dedicated in building human resource networking to ensure that our services are covered by various job positions as well as employee training system to make sure that our clients have a great experience from our services.

In addition, we and our 6 affiliate companies namely, OS Thailand Co., Lts., OS Recruitment Thailand Co., Ltd., J.A.R. Service Co., Ltd., P-One Subcontract Co., Ltd, Human Value Co., Ltd., and Foreign Worker Employment Agency OS Labour Asia Co., Ltd. always work coordinately with each other, which can multiply our ability to search for the human resources. Moreover, we are moving forward to build our strength of our business by covering in industrial sector. We will be a part of the services that will fully support the growth and the development in all kind of businesses. Above all we are looking forward to make a contribution to Thai society.

OS Thailand

Flow of agreement

We will contribute to the development of our clients’ business and the growth of thailand.

Company Profile

Introduction of our companies

Company Name OS (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
Managing Director Mr. Kazuhiro Yoshida
Director Mr. Tomomi Ohashi
Establishment Date April 2011
Address 179 Bangkok City Tower 5 Fl., South Sathorn Rd., Thungmahamek, Sathorn 10120
Tel: +66(0)2-679-5076-7 Fax: 66(0)2-679-5078
Capital 5,000,000THB
Business Overseas Manufacturing and Service Operations Outsourcing Business


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179 Bangkok City Tower 5 FL., South Sathorn Rd., Thungmahamek Sathorn 10120.